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360° Self-Wringing Mop

360° Self-Wringing Mop

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Cleaning Has Never Been So Efficient!

Elevate your cleaning routine with the epitome of efficiency and convenience. Experience the difference with our 360° Self-Wringing Mop.

Introducing the Ultimate Self-contained Self-Wringing Scraper

Experience cleaning like never before with our innovative 360° Self-Wringing Mop, complete with a cutting-edge toothed scraper. Effortlessly remove excess moisture from the mop with a simple up-and-down motion, thanks to the integrated toothed comb that swiftly eliminates hair and debris. Practicality meets convenience in one seamless design.

Crafted with Precision in Stainless Steel

Elevate your cleaning experience with our meticulously designed long handle. Comprising three sections of durable stainless steel, this handle extends to a generous 137cm (53.9 inches). It's perfectly tailored to accommodate individuals of varying heights, minimizing the need for constant bending or squatting. This ingenious feature not only conserves your energy but also safeguards against potential back strain associated with frequent bending.

Revolutionary 360° Rotating Mop Head

Our 360° Self-Wringing Mop is engineered with a highly flexible mop head, capable of a full 360° rotation. Tackle previously hard-to-reach areas beneath beds and sofas with ease, preventing the buildup of dust in every nook and cranny. Bid farewell to hidden corners, as this dynamic design ensures a comprehensive clean in every direction. And when not in use, simply utilize the handy hook at the top of the handle to securely hang your mop on the wall.

Microfiber Magic in Every Pad

Equipped with not one, but two premium microfiber pads (with one pre-installed), our mop boasts exceptional water absorption capabilities. These pads can absorb several times their own weight, making quick work of spills and grime. Say goodbye to unsightly hair, dust, and dirt on your floors, leaving them spotless and gleaming.

Versatility at Its Core

Our Large Flat Mop is meticulously crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of hard floors. From gleaming tiles to polished wood, resilient laminate, and sleek resin surfaces, this mop is your go-to cleaning companion for a variety of floor types.


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