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Airtag Pet Collar

Airtag Pet Collar

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Pets Outside With Peace Of Mind!

Stay connected with your fur baby like never before. Elevate their safety and your peace of mind with our Airtag Pet Collar, a tracking solution tailored to the needs of your small pets.


Introducing the Airtag Pet Collar: Your Pet's Personal GPS Tracker

Transform your cat's collar into a state-of-the-art tracking system by seamlessly integrating an Apple Airtag. Specifically designed for small animals, this lightweight collar ensures you always know the whereabouts of your beloved furry friend.

Specialized Airtag Holder

Equipped with a waterproof and shock-proof case which snugly fits your Airtag. Crafted with precision for cats and small animals, it effortlessly slides onto their collars, ensuring it stays securely in place without causing discomfort.

Safety First

Our reflective collar features a breakaway safety buckle design, providing a quick release when subjected to force. This feature offers added peace of mind, ensuring the safety of your pets, even during their most playful moments.

Adjustable Comfort

With an adjustable length ranging from 8.66 (22 cm) to 13.78 (35 cm) inches, finding the perfect fit for your pet is a breeze. The collar is 2/5 (1 cm) inch in width, making it ideal for cats, puppies, and small pets of various sizes. Your furry companion is sure to enjoy maximum comfort and freedom of movement.

Enhanced Visibility: Crafted from reflective nylon, this kitten collar boasts a bell design, making your pets easily visible in low-light environments. If the bell doesn't suit your pet's preference, it can be easily removed, ensuring both comfort and safety.

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